Network Password Recovery


Recover the passwords stored on your PC's system


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Network Password Recovery can recover some of the passwords that different programs store on your computer and show them to you on its interface.

If you have forgotten the password for a certain web page (as long as you use Internet Explorer) or if you don't remember your Messenger password, Network Password Recovery will find it for you.

The main information that Network Password Recovery provides you is the name of what the password is used for, the user that it's associated with and, of course, the password itself.

So, to sum up, Network Password Recovery can obtain the following passwords:

- Passwords for remote access to computers on the same local area network.

- Passwords for email accounts on Exchange servers.

- Passwords for MSN Messenger.

- Passwords for certain websites that you've accessed using Internet Explorer 7.

It is no longer necessary to log in as the administrator in order to run the program in Windows Vista.

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